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Project financing is an innovative and timely financing technique that has been used on many high-profile corporate projects. It is a method of financing very large capital intensive projects, with long gestation period, where the lenders rely on the assets created for the project as security and the cash flow generated by the project as source of funds for repaying their dues. Increasingly, project financing is emerging as the preferred alternative to conventional methods of financing infrastructure and other large-scale projects worldwide.

Managing infrastructure and major projects can be a complex and challenging task. Throughout the feasibility, procurement, implementation and operation phases of a project, there are numerous transaction decisions and issues that need to be considered. Given the scope of the task, obtaining professional transaction advice is imperative.

Our capability facilitates communication between the parties, receiving the borrower's reports and covenant compliance information and distributing it to the lending group.

Some of forms of loans available are as follows:

  • Project Loans from Financial Institutions.
  • Term Loans.
  • External Commercial Borrowings.
  • Loans from government bodies like SIDBI, ADB & IFC.
  • Placement of Debentures or Commercial papers.
  • Lease financing / Asset financing.
  • Purchase order financing.
  • Discounting of receivables.